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This site is owned and managed by Dispute Resolution Associates, a company with twenty years experience in designing, implementing and managing dispute resolution process for organisations and governments. We have particular experience and expertise in handling disputes under the various Federal industry codes for the franchising / dairy / horticulture / oil /wine and grocery industries. You can go directly to these specialist websites by clicking on any of the images above.

We have information and expertise in settling family law disputes by Family Dispute Resolution (FDRP), mediation and the arbitration of family property disputes.

Learn about handling disputes.  We have delivered dispute resolution learning and conflict crisis handling courses – both in-house and at tertiary institutions.

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What process is right for your dispute?  ADR Processes compared

Confused by the terminology? Here is a quick comparison of some of the major features and differences in the use of these dispute resolution processes.



  • Private Meetings
  • Evidence
  • Time
  • Benefits
  • Outcome
  • Mediation


  • Private meeting
  • Not a search for truth
  • Usually one day
  • Privileged assisted negotiations
  • Agreement between the parties
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  • Conciliation


  • Alwayd meet parties together
  • Not a search for truth
  • Flexible and by Virtual Attendance
  • Facilitated assisted negotiations
  • Agreement or coupled with Arbitration
  • Read More
  • Expert


  • No need for meetings or hearing
  • Documents and party’s submissions
  • Depends on complexity-a week
  • Expert appraisal
  • Binding decision (by agreement)
  • Read more
  • Arbitration


  • No private meetings or communications
  • Hearing with documents and submissions
  • Should be shorter than litigation
  • Investigative hearing
  • Award (binding decision)
  • Read more


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Dispute Resolution Scheme for Legal Disputes

In our experience, getting disputing parties involved in early resolution leads to quicker, cheaper and more satisfactory outcomes than beginning with legal procedures. We can provide a fixed priced, results orientated, ‘value’ based “early intervention” Dispute Management Service to assist with the resolution of your dispute.

We are lawyers and dispute management specialists who understand both the legal litigation framework as well as being experts in the modern dispute management processes like Mediation and Arbitration.

We design a dispute management process that is right for your dispute and implement it for you. Once appointed, we will contact the other party to arrange a joint conference (either remotely or in person) and work with all disputant’s to define the problem, discard unnecessary matters, engage with participants to understand and relieve their emotional angst and narrow the issues for discussion and agreement or determination.

Our charges avoid the normal ‘hourly fee’ because we work with your objectives. By negotiation, our fees to resolve your problems can be an agreed sum relative to your achievement outcomes.

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